Seaside Vibes From Surfer Blood


Today I bring to you, Surfer Blood. I think the reason why I like them was because they made me feel like I’ve been transported to the California coast. I can almost feel the ocean breeze flowing through my hair as I listen. The distinct California surf vibe they give off is actually kind of interesting considering that they aren’t even from there. They hail from California’s step-sibling on the eastern coast, Florida. The bands’ two integral founders met in high school and began playing together before officially taking on the name Surfer Blood in 2009.  They made waves fast, however, in 2010 they had already released their debut full-length album Astro Coast. The band gained a decent sized following, and within a year signed to the prestigious label giants Warner Brothers. I totally understand why the public would rally behind them. It may just be a theory, but I feel that everyone wants to feel like they are in California without the hassle of actually traveling there, braving the crowded beaches and bumper-to-bumper traffic. So, if you can get a little taste of that coastal feeling simply by plugging in your headphones, why wouldn’t you? You can feel the surfer blood in your veins from the comfort of your own couch. The story doesn’t end there; they kept going releasing an Extended Play (EP) titled Tarot Classics in 2011 and another full-length album, Pythons in 2013. The band continues to gain a following to this day as they recently released a third full length album titled 1000 Palms just a week or so ago. With this album, the band ditched the major record label and returned to their roots with a self produced lo-fi sound similar to that of their acclaimed Astro Coast LP. I strongly encourage everyone to check these guys out, their music is available on iTunes and Spotify. Perhaps start with my favorite tracks “Floating Vibes”, “I Can’t Explain” and “Demon Dance”. You won’t be disappointed. Or, you could check out one of their live performances, as they will be making a stop in Provo in mid-June as part of their summer tour.

One more thing, Surfer Blood’s guitarist Thomas Fekete, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer (a sarcoma), and had to drop out of touring, thus making him unable to earn a living to pay the very expensive hospital bills. The other band members have done all they can, but the bulk of the medical bills were going to go unpaid. A GoFundMe page was set up to help pay those bills. I will include the link below in case you all want to donate to help him out.


Irish Singer/Songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow


Photo: (Phillipe Mazzoni)

Tonight we feature the Irish Singer/Songwriter artist, James Vincent McMorrow. Born in 1983, James didn’t begin playing music until his late teens. James got his start in the music scene as a drummer but was drawn to a softer sound and began playing the guitar at the age of 19. He was influenced by the sounds of Sufjan Stevens and Band Of Horses. As James developed as an artist he began playing shows in local pubs and received great praise.

In 2010 James moved to a small house on the Irish coastline with his guitar and a few other necessities. There he recorded what would be his debut EP. It was released shortly thereafter and was recieved with high praise and even went Platinum. In 2013 James moved to a studio in Texas where he would record his second album. The album, Post Tropical, was released this last November and differs greatly from his debut album.

James has been an all time favorite of mine so it’s really hard for me to pick only a few songs to share. I’ve posted the ones that I think will show you the incredible range of talent he has. I’ve also shared a Chris Isaak cover that I had the luck of stumbling upon. James will also be perfoming this August in SLC, so hopefully I’ll see you there. Enjoy, and thanks for reading The Print!

// M

Agnes Obel; Hauntingly Beautiful Classical


Agnes Obel, from Denmark, got her start with music at a young age. Her family always had various instruments lying around their home. Obel’s mother, a talented musician, would play Chopin and Bartok on the piano constantly filling their home with music. As a result of her upbringing, Obel began playing piano at a young age. She was told by her classical music teacher to not play songs she didn’t like and thats exactly what she did.

Obel released her first album Philharmonics in 2010 which she produced, sang, wrote and played the entire album. Obel said “The orchestral or symphonic music never interested me. I always was attracted by simple melodies, almost childish.(…) I put a long time before writing texts because the music seems to tell already a story, to project images.”

In 2011, Obel began working on her second album after the success of Philharmonics. The new album titled “Aventine” was released in 2013 and received numerous awards. Of this album Obel has said “On the last album, I didn’t want to disturb the melody with too many stories. This time, I wanted to know if I was able to create images with words, with the sound of words.(…) I think that’s a good thing when the one who is listening, is feeling it in a different way that the one who creates. We are all listening with different perspectives.(…) I don’t want to impose my subjectivity to the listener.” Obel is currently working on her third studio album but there is not an expected release date yet.

I first fell in love with Obel’s music when I stumbled upon the song “Dorian” To be honest I never really expolored her other music until a few months ago and I’m sure glad I did. If you’re not sure where to start I recommend listening to Aventine first. I’ve featured my personal favorites below and if you have enough time I encourage you to watch the last video which is beautifully filmed in my opinion. Thanks for the read and I hope you enjoy!

// M

From Down Under; Tame Impala

Tame Impala

Now, I’m pretty confident that many of you already know very well or at least have heard of Tame Impala. With smash hits like “Elephant” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” Tame Impala has already made the rounds on mainstream radio. The band’s debut album Innerspeaker was released in May of 2010 followed by the Grammy-nominated Lonerism dropping in March of 2012. What some of you may not know is that the band is releasing a long-awaited, new album in July. Frontman Kevin Parker said this before the band began to record in 2014,”I’m gonna try to make it a bit more minimal this time; only use what’s needed … instead of a supreme pizza, where you just throw everything on” ( Jay Watson (Synth and backing vocals) said,”[It’s] probably gonna be less rock again and more electronic again, even more than the last one”( Four singles from the forthcoming Currents have already been released. When the lead single “Let It Happen” was released, many were surprised (pleasantly) by the direction that the band had taken. The now even more synth reliant sound was an instant hit (in my book as well). I’ve been listening non-stop to “‘Cause I’m A Man” and the very recently released “Eventually” hoping that the July release date will come sooner so my vinyl preorder can show up. Below you’ll find the four singles off the forthcoming Currents to check out and hopefully fall in love with.

For all you concert goers out there, Tame Impala will be in town playing at The Depot in SLC on May 29th. I plan on being there and hope I will see you there.


The Antlers, Melancholy At Its Finest


If melancholy had a sound, it would be The Antlers. Originally the lo-fi folk solo project of leadman Peter Silberman, this band has evolved into its current three piece post-rock outfit. Shortly after Silberman moved to Brooklyn in 2006 he started his solo bedroom recorded project and released a nine track album titled Uprooted. Shortly after, he released an album titled In The Attic Of The Universe and two EP’s. These EP’s featured the well known indie artist Sharon Van Etten and shortly after Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci officially joined to create the current band. In 2009, The Antlers released their first album, Hospice, as a full band. Silberman has said of this album “Hospice came from the idea of caring for a terminal patient who’s mentally abusive to you. You don’t have the right to argue with them, either, because they’re the one who’s dying here; they’re the one that’s been dealt a wrong hand. So you take it, but you can only take so much. Eventually, you realize that this person is just destroying you.” Following the success of this album, the band released two more albums, Burst Apart (2011) and Familiars (2014).

I’ve posted a few of my favorites of theirs below that I feel show the amazing range of talent this band has. My personal favorite is “The Kettering” which shows a more mellow side of the band. So give em a listen and let me know what you think.

// M

We All Have Other Lives

Other Lives

By way of Stillwater, Oklahoma comes Indie Rock band Other Lives. Originally formed in 2004, the band took on the name Other Lives in 2006. They moved themselves to Los Angeles to record their self-titled debut album,  produced by Joey Waronker (of Atoms for Peace fame) in 2009. Soon after, Other Lives began writing and recording their very well received sophomore album Tamer Animals. The album dropped in may of 2011. Other Lives didn’t release another studio album until May 2015. That album, Rituals, is where I’d like to focus my attention in this post. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could like something of theirs more than I liked Tamer Animals, but I must say that Rituals is one of the most beautifully composed albums I own. Tracks like “Reconfiguration” and “2 Pyramids” really draw you in, but it’s “Easy Way Out”, with its slow, dark and  The National-esque vibe that got me addicted to this album. Since it’s release date only five days ago, I’ve played the album all the way through around 15 times. It’s perfect. Give it a listen. And while you are at it, give the rest of their releases a look-see as well.

Other Lives, who has toured and played with great bands including The Rosebuds, Bon Iver and the legendary Radiohead (not to mention an appearance at the famed Coachella Festival), will be in town on June 18th playing the Ogden edition of the Twilight Concert Series with local sensation The Moth & The Flame. I highly suggest you be in attendance.


Grab Your Surfboard, It’s Alvvays!

The Print is back! We’re sorry we’ve disappeared for so long, but we promise we’re back for the long run. We’ve redesigned the site and we hope you like it. Let’s get right to it!

Today’s post is featuring the Indie Pop band AlvvaysFormed in 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this band has quickly made themselves known to the music scene, rising to #1 on the US College Charts. Although from Canada, Alvvays has a very west-coast “surf” inspired sound, think Best Coast or Surfer Blood. The band comprises of Molly Rankin, Kerri MacLellan, Alec O’Hanley, Brian Murphy and Phil MacIsaac. Alvvays has toured with Indie big hitters, Peter Bjorn & John and The Pains Of Being Pure of Heart. If you’re looking for your new summer song, look no further..  Let us know what you think!



// M