Beacon, Dark Downtempo Electronica


Tonight we proudly feature the Brooklyn duo, Beacon. Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett met while attending Brooklyn’s Pratt Institue. Both were studying art, Thomas studying sculpture while Jacob studied Painting. The two eventually turned to music and released their first EP titled, No Body. The two compliment each other well to create a dark atmospheric sound.  Mullarney has said of his music “The love songs we write are ones that have an inherent guilt implied. Inside love lives a more sinister, carnal element that is constantly being subdued or released.”

I had the pleasure of stumbling across Beacons single, L1. I was instantly hooked with it’s minimalist sound, but driving bass lines. With a genre that is becoming more and more saturated with artists, Beacon sets themselves above the rest. The band’s unique background of influences is what does this in my opinion.  Beacon is the perfect soundtrack to a night drive on the town or lying in your bed taking in the feeling of the night. If you like what you hear I encourage you to also give Utah’s very own band Polytype a listen. They have a very similiar aesthetic to their sound. I hope you enjoy and I really want to know what you think! As always, thanks for visiting The Print.

// M

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