The Print SLC! Now a Podcast

Hey Everyone,

We are back. This time we’ve come back by way of a Podcast. Here, I am going to post the track listings for each episode we release. Be sure the search and subscribe to us on iTunes to get our episodes as they post. We’ve gotten really good feedback from episodes 1 & 2 and cant wait to share more with you. Below I’ve embedded a Spotify playlist from Volume 1 of ThePrintSLC, the Podcast. Enjoy!

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Hey! It’s On An On

on an on photo

Today we feature the Minnesota band On An On. The band was started in 2012 by Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing, who were previously of the band Scattered Trees. After deciding, to scrap the Scattered Trees the band reformed into what is now On An On. Nate mentioned about the band in an interview with WRGW music  blog,

We decided that we wanted to start a brand new band, something fresh. And part of the priority for us, musically, was to go into it what that clean slate and not necessarily have this we want to be this, we want to sound like this, and more of a priority and value the experimentation and capture that exploration. It was kind of exciting because we didn’t necessarily know how it would turn out on the other side. That kept the experience very lively because we weren’t trying to pursue goals as much as trying to explore what we were as a new band and as a new group. It came out as it did. I don’t know what the next record will sound like, it’s just that kind of thing, we’re just more interested in exploration than arriving.1

After signing to a recording deal with Roll Call Records the band streamed the single Ghosts in late August of 2012 and later that year the single, The Hunter (I’ve included videos for both songs below). In early January of 2013, the band released their debut album, Give In. The band has been hard at work touring and writing new music such as the song, Drifting (A personal favorite) and Icon Love. On An On is releasing a new album which is expected to arrive later this month. I’ve been enjoying the new sound the band has been experimenting with on their latest releases, and I’m looking forward to what they have to share with us.

I hope you enjoy the videos I’ve shared. Let On An On be your 4th of July weekend soundtrack. Happy Independence Day friends, have fun and stay safe!

// M

1 P.S. WRGW has a great interview with the band that you can read at

Absofacto, Addicting Indie Rock


Hey there, sorry it’s been some time since our last post. Lets get right back to the music.

Tonight we feature the Indie Rock band, Absofacto. This is the solo project of Jonathan Visger, singer for the band Mason Proper. Absofacto is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been making amazing music for some time now. We discovered Absofacto a while back and immediately fell in love with the music. Absofacto has remained relatively unknown but recently, he released the single Dissolve (See video below) which has reached a million listens on Spotify. I’m more than excited that people are discovering the amazing music of this band. For those of you who are fans of the band Pinback I think you will really enjoy Absofacto.

The track Dissolve oozes cool, Absofacto has done a masterful job of combining the indie rock and electronic sound. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not groove along with this song. Feathers and Whose Side Are You On Anyway?, have more of a Pinback  style, especially the guitar riffs, which is what hooked me from the first listen. According to Absofacto’s Facebook page, he will be releasing new music soon and I can’t wait to see what he has in store. Comment below and let us know what you think. As always, thanks for reading The Print!

// M

Beacon, Dark Downtempo Electronica


Tonight we proudly feature the Brooklyn duo, Beacon. Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett met while attending Brooklyn’s Pratt Institue. Both were studying art, Thomas studying sculpture while Jacob studied Painting. The two eventually turned to music and released their first EP titled, No Body. The two compliment each other well to create a dark atmospheric sound.  Mullarney has said of his music “The love songs we write are ones that have an inherent guilt implied. Inside love lives a more sinister, carnal element that is constantly being subdued or released.”

I had the pleasure of stumbling across Beacons single, L1. I was instantly hooked with it’s minimalist sound, but driving bass lines. With a genre that is becoming more and more saturated with artists, Beacon sets themselves above the rest. The band’s unique background of influences is what does this in my opinion.  Beacon is the perfect soundtrack to a night drive on the town or lying in your bed taking in the feeling of the night. If you like what you hear I encourage you to also give Utah’s very own band Polytype a listen. They have a very similiar aesthetic to their sound. I hope you enjoy and I really want to know what you think! As always, thanks for visiting The Print.

// M

Smooth Soothing Sounds; Patrick Watson


Though born in Lancaster, California, Watson was raised in Hudson, Quebec (near Montreal). Patrick first wrote and recorded songs as a solo singer/songwriter but after the release of his first LP Waterproof9, he was soon joined by full permanent band continuing under the moniker Patrick Watson. As a band they have released 5 studio albums, (Just Another Ordinary Day in 2003, Close To Paradise in 2006, Wooden Arms in 2009, Adventures In Your Own Backyard in 2012) the most recent of which, Love Songs For Robots, was dropped just earlier this month. Watson’s music has been featured on a number of TV shows, commercials and feature films. Perhaps most notably, three tracks from Adventures In Your Own Backyard and one from Wooden Arms (“Lighthouse”, “Blackwind”, “Into Giants”, and “Big Bird in a Small Cage”) were featured throughout the 2013 film What If starring Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame (on a side note, I really enjoyed that film; I definitely recommend you see it, especially if you are a fan of movies like 500 Days of Summer).

Patrick’s voice is nothing short of angelic. If you are wound up tight and just need to relax, listen to Adventures In Your Own Backyard especially tracks like “Lighthouse” and “Quiet Crowd,” they will calm you right down. Enjoy the posted videos below and thanks again for reading!


Crank It Up, It’s Royal Blood!


Relatively new as band, Royal Blood has already carved out their turf in the Rock & Roll scene. Formed in 2013 in Brighton, England the hard rock duo have quickly made themselves known, for their gritty blues-rock sound. Royal Blood is composed of Mike Kerr (Bassist/Singer) and Ben Thatcher (Drums). Although limited by their small size, they more than make up for it with their big sound. Rather than playing the typical electric guitar, Kerr plays the gritty sounding bass guitar, giving the band its unique sound. Before Royal Blood released their first single, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders was seen wearing a Royal Blood t-shirt supporting the band. Shortly thereafter, the band released their first single “Out of the Black” with the B-side “Come On Over”

It was later announced that the band would be supporting the Arctic Monkeys at a few of their shows. In Febuary of 2014 the band released another single and in March released an EP in North America. Royal Blood has perfomed at SXSW, Liverpool Sound City festival and Coachella. Royal Blood will be touring with the Foo Fighters at some of their 2015 UK & US tours. Ben Thatcher has mentioned that they will be writing their next album while touring with the Foo Fighters this year.

It’s hard for me to pick only a few songs to share with you, so I really encourage you to give their self titled debut album a full listen. I promise you wont be disappointed. However, that being said, here are my top picks..

P.S. Royal Blood will be playing a show this Wed May 27th at the Murray Theater in SLC. Hope to see you there!

// M